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Since 2005 , Elite Fitness Studio has been providing friendly, personal attention to its members and PT Clients, helping them stay active fit and healthy. We are here to help you reach all your fitness goals inside and out of the gym environment. 

 We pride ourselves on offering the customer that little bit extra... with more attention to detail when designing bespoke training programs, careful consideration to lifestyle  when creating nutrtional plans, and most importantly of all developing an environment where people of all ages and fitness levels can train with confidence without the intimidation, in a clean, safe and welcoming environment. With our confident, experienced and professional staff, outstanding customer care and pristine facilities, Elite  Fitness  is positioned as Thanets premier boutique  fitness studio.


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Opening hours 


Weekdays 6am - 9pm 

Weekends 9am - 4pm 

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Peter Eyre , Studio Director at Elite Fitness Broadstairs, Fitness Coach and Trainer. 


With over 20 years of experience, My passion is fitness, health and mindfulness. 

 I try to incorporate all three aspects when training and motivating my clients, these work in combination and the success comes from adopting a  new lifestyle not  just a crazy fad.


I understand that each client is unique in their own way, habits,  motivations and their own willpower. My main goal  is to allow my clients  to understand the basic safe, effective and science based ways to train and diet, whilst creating a bespoke twist to satisfy each individual goals.  





Training and dieting with a scientific approach,  whilst creating the basics in mindset to achieve the highest level of success with regards to each individuals targets and personal journeys. 


With a client base as diverse as my training methods, I specialise in Strength and Conditioning. I’m a huge ambassador of smart training and nutrition, working with my clients to improve mobility, strength  and conditioning and overall quality of fitness,  in a fun diverse way at your own personal pace. 


Expect every session  to be different. I aim to enhance your current training, taking you to new fitness heights. I will work  on your weaknesses until they become strengths, and work on your strengths until they become second nature. 


I have been working at Elite as a Personal Trainer  since 2016. During that time, I have designed and put in place individual training  programmes for a wide range  of clients to help them towards their fitness goals, whilst catering for specific needs including, clientele of older age groups,Injury rehabilitation, Lower back pain, Adolescents, GP Referrals, and those clients who are Training for a specific sporting event. 


Personally, I started training in the gym over 12 years ago, with a goal of needing to lose weight for health reasons. Since achieving my target weight, I am now focusing on lean muscle growth.  Using my valuable experience, I feel that I can empathise with people at various stages in their own journeys, and this helps me tailor my sessions around getting you to that next level. 


I have been exploring  how exercise can benefit and help manage mental health conditions, as there are an increasing number of people struggling with their mental health and  I have personally seen the positive impact that exercise can have. Following on from this, my aim is to study further into mental health and exercise to increase my awareness of this important  topic

I'm very easy going, understanding and like to have a laugh, but I make sure every session challenges you and no two sessions are ever the same.


My areas of speciality are:

  • Weight loss and toning

  • Kettlebell training

  • Lower Back Pain

  • Circuit Training

The qualifications I currently hold include:

-Level 4 Exercise for Lower Back Pain Management

-Level 3 Personal Training

-Level 3 Exercise Referral for Health Management

-Pre and Post Natal Exercise and Nutrition

-Nutrition and Weight Management Adviser

-Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

-Advanced Resistance Training Techniques

-Kettlebell Training

harry pt poster .JPG

I’m a young, fun, personable and  energetic PT  who thrives off helping people reach their  fitness targets in the gym. 


People often ask me why I love my job?  Everyone , I believe, has their  own story and mine was back when I was in secondary school, severely overweight, very little confidence and hardly any social skills. 

This was enough for me to want to change. 

For over  3 years now, I’ve been  gym training consistently. I’ve seen major changes within my body, the way I am  and my own personal confidence.

Alongside my passion for the gym i’m also a semi professional football player. 

 I’m a FA Level 2 football coach and have plans to later this year enrol on a Strength and Conditioning Course and Sports Massage Course to cater for everyone’s needs in the gym or for outside sports.

My qualifications are; 

Level 2 Anatomy & Physiology 

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 2 Nutrition 

Level 3 Personal Training  

Areas of speciality; 

Fat loss and toning 

Muscle gain 

Circuit training

Sport specific training


45 mins £42.00

60 mins £56.00

8 x 45 min block booking £250


45 mins £33.00 

60 mins £41.00 

8 x 45 mins block booking £200 


45 mins £33

60mins £41

8 x 45 mins block booking £200



This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


* Sports  or soft clothing with appropriate footwear must be worn for studio training. No Jeans, Belts, Sandles, Work Boots etc will be permitted. 


* Lifting limit restricted to 110kg, including on Bench Press, Deadlifts and Squats 


* Training groups of no more than 2 people. This is set out for Health and Saftey and to reduce waiting time for the benefit of other members for equipment. 


* Studio training times set at 60 mins per day per member


* No dropping of Dumbells or Weights. We respect our residential neighbours with noise pollution and also for the health and safety of others. 


* No excessive grunting or shouting. 


This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

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