Peter Eyre

Peter, Personal Trainer and Studio Owner


With over 18 years experience in the fitness Industry, my dynamic approach, boundless energy and sometimes risky houmour only add to the effectiveness of the experience my clients enjoy. 

With a client base as diverse as my training methods, I emphasize strength training modalities that can be transferred from the gym into your daily life. 

I am a huge ambassador of Smart Training and Diet. Working with you to improve Mobility, Strength and Conditioning and your overall quality of fitness, in a fun and diverse way at your own personal pace. 


Expect every session to be different! I aim to enhance your current training, taking you to new fitness heights in the gym that you struggle to achieve on your own safely and effectively. 


"Work on your weakness until they are strengths and work on your strengths until they become second nature"

Specialist areas

Strength and Conditioning



Injury Rehabilitation 


Ambassador of Smart training and Diet, specializing in PT sessions with a feel good vibe!


Personal Training prices:


30 mins £22.50

45mins  £30.00

60 mins £38.00


block booking discount: 8 x 45 mins £180