It’s Time To Invest In You!! 

Personal Training is exactly as it sounds, a health and fitness educator that is available for you to use to help you reach your personal health and fitness aspirations. Whatever it is that you would like to achieve you will benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer who will monitor your health, fitness and nutritional habits and lead you in the right direction to help yourself. Personal Training at elite will not start and end with an instructor standing at the end of a treadmill giving the odd motivational remark.

Your programme will be regularly monitored to aid progress, with your exercising techniques constantly observed to make sure that every time you train it is the most efficient and effective workout you could have had. In short, personal training is your own personal coach and educator that will help you get to where you want to be!

What will happen in a Personal Training session?

From personal training you can expect to be treated as an individual and your program of exercise will be tailored for you in this respect, therefore helping you reach your goals quicker and safer. The first sessions will be focused on finding your current health and fitness status and to start you on the road to your better lifestyle.


The sessions may use health and fitness testing procedures that will help both you and the personal trainer know where you are starting from and give you extra motivation when you see how far you have come. Sessions there on will be tailored to your needs and the personal trainer will constantly plan in advance how they are going to progress your training and help you to reach your goals.

What can a Personal Trainer help me with?
Whatever your goals are, a personal trainer will be able to help. Your goals may be to lose a few unwanted lb's, complete that life long dream of a marathon, build just a little bit more muscle for that special summer holiday or become faster, stronger and more agile before that all important next session playing football.


With our help those dreams can now before reality.

The final point to always remember, its going to be fun and educational, the more you learn the more positive you will be, the more positive you are, the more fun you will have and remember once you have achieved your goal, it doesn’t mean you cant set yourself another.