Exercise For A Maximum Of 30 Minutes

Shorter More intense workouts, 5-7 days per week is a proven method to burn more calories and fat, not only whilst training but for a further 48 hours after your workout.


Our personal trainers, will create a workout schedule to enable you to full fill all your fitness goals. Workouts can consist of intense muscular training, interval cardio training, fast  outdoor walking and finally mobility and stretching, using varied yoga and Pilates.  

* workouts can be pushed to 60 minutes, inclusive of increased warm up period and developmental stretching techniques


Input Your Food And Exercise Diary Online

Constant e-mail communication enables trainers to keep in touch with their clients.

At a touch of a button e-mailing daily diet sheets, training questions and general communication can be passed back and forth between client and trainer


Watch The Pounds Drop Off

On average our Clients lose 1LB of fat every week. Our focus is to promote healthy fat lose NOT mass weight lose and there is a big difference. The lose of 1lb of fat will decrease your overall size/mass and more then likely your waistline for good, where a 1lb lose of weight, could be a negative short term decrease in your water level, glycogen level (stored carbohydrates) or muscle tissue.


During the 1-2-3 Personal training plan your trainer will advise you on the best methods of exercises, sensible but effective dieting techniques, whilst enabling you to understand in a straight forward way, WHY and HOW you will achieve your deserved goal.