Studio Health & Safety Guidelines

Listed below are the elite fitness studio club rules. These rules have been put in place to make sure the club runs smoothly at all times.


1. ALL members must have a sweat towel when training


2. No smoking in any area, internally or externally of the studio 


3. Secure bags and valuables in lockers or with reception staff. No bags are allowed in the fitness gym.

We ask members not to talk on mobile phones in the studio.


4. Correct training clothing to be worn. No jeans or Boots. Vest or t-shirts must be worn at all times. Muddy/dirty training clothes/ footwear are not permitted.


5. Training groups are restricted to a maximum of 2 individuals. This has been put in place to reduce waiting time on machines and between member’s sets


6. Large scales supersets are not permitted. Using two separate machines either in the same room or different rooms is an unsuitable practice in a studio of our size. 


7. The maximum lifting limit is 110kg. This includes, bench press, deadlift and squats.

Deadlifts should be performed to just below knee level and should never touch/bounce on the floor surface.

Please read both training chest and deadlifts workout sheet attached to the mirror in the free weight room.


8. All weights/dumbbells should be placed back in their correct storage location after use.

No additional weights should leave the free weights room.


9. Dropping of weights/ Dumbbells/ Kettlebells is forbidden.

Whilst performing a dumbbell chest press we recommend controlling the dumbbells down on to your chest and sitting up, rather than dropping them to the side of the body 


10. additional weights should NOT be added to any resistance machine, cables are designed to take the weight stack attached and not a kg more


11. Studio training time limit is set at 80 minutes maximum

per Session or Day.


12. Excessive Grunting, Loud shouting will not be tolerated


13. The use of cardiovascular machinery will be limit to 20 minutes (At peak periods especially)


Many thanks for your co-operation